Socioeconomic monitoring guidelines for coastal managers in the Caribbean SOCMON Caribbean

SocMon Caribbean and its companion, the GCRMN Socioeconomic Manual for Coral Reef Management (GCRMN Manual), developed from a need for a greater understanding of the human dimension of coastal and marine resource management. The GCRMN Manual was released in 2000 at the 8th International Coral Reef Symposium in Bali. SocMon Caribbean, and SocMon Southeast Asia (SocMon SEA), which was released in March 2003, were developed to compliment the GCRMN Manual by providing a simpler, more structured set of guidelines, which can then be tailored to site needs. The two documents are meant to be used together – SocMon for the priority variables to assess, the questions to ask and the tables to analyze the data, and the GCRMN Manual for the details of how to do it.


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