Physis III - Journal of marine science

As part of CIEE's Bonaire semester programs, each student conducts an independent research project on a topic of their choice.  The projects culminate with a public presentation and publication of a research paper in the CIEE journal Physis: Journal of Marine Science.


  • Flamingo (Phoenicopterus Ruber Ruber) Distribution and Feeding Behavior in Relation to Salinity Levels on Bonaire, Netherland Antilles
  • The Effects of Intruder Size on the Territoriality of the Threespot Damselfish (Stegastes planifrons)
  • Variation in Threespot Damselfish Aggression Using Models of a Conspecific, Predator and Herbivore
  • Juvenile French Angelfish Exhibit Cleaning Activity in Bonaire
  • Size Distribution of Spirobranchus giganteus in Bonaire: Is there a benefit of recruitment to live coral?
  • Reproductive Behavior in Abudefduf saxatilis: The Relationship Between Nest Location, Brood Size and Aggression
  • Effects of Human Recreational Activities on Seagrass Beds in Lac Bay, Netherlands Antilles
  • The effects of storm damage on reef rugosity and coral spe- cies composition in Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
  • Ranking Herbivory in Coral Reef Fish
  • Diurnal Variation of Cleaning intensity in Bonaire, N.A. 

CIEE (Council of International Education and Exchange) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded in 1947 working globally.

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