Bonaire: Roi Sango (EU BEST 2.0)

Starting in 2016, Echo – a small nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to protecting the Yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot – has been working to restore parts of Bonaire’s dry forest including a site with a unique canyon and part of a large watershed called Rooi Sangu, which is an important natural heritage site, recognized for its biodiversity value. This work is being funded by the EU BEST 2.0 Programme. Rooi Sangu was first fenced and all free-roaming herbivores were removed before Echo began planting reintroduced native trees. This project will provide an important link within a corridor of reforestation areas that Echo is creating with the support and funding of the Bonaire government. This site also contains a walking trail established through another local government- funded rural-development project known as “POP” (agricultural development plan) and it will connect to other walking trails.

This news-item was published in BioNews 10-2017.

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