Preliminary list of fishes from the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute expedition to Curaçao with comparison to previously formulated lists

In 2005, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute sponsored a collecting trip to Curaçao and Klien Curaçao , as part of a grant to Ross Robertson, to document the fishes of the greater Caribbean region. The Curaçao Sea Aquarium provided support and accommodations for the research team. Collections were made at 29 stations between 2 January and 13 January 2005. Most of the collections were made using rotenone, which is the only effective method of collecting cryptic fishes. A total of 6,114 specimens of 119 taxa were collected. Along with those documented by Metzelaar (1919), FishBase, and several web-based museum collections, we present our findings from Curaçao to document a preliminary list of fishes from that region.

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