Support to improve and harmonize the scientific approaches required to inform sustainable management of queen conch (Strombus gigas) by CARIFORUM States

This report describes the activities and outputs of the project to improve and harmonize scientific approaches required for the sustainable management of queen conch.

Five case studies were undertaken for the countries: The Bahamas, Belize, Dominican Republic, Grenada and Haiti. For each case study, a report of findings, conclusions and recommendations were completed. With the exception of Haiti, each country was visited and information obtained from stakeholders and local sources.

A regional review of scientific and management approaches to the management of queen conch was completed, containing regional management options. Information for regional review was obtained from the cases studies, CRFM, other international organisations and other contacts in the region.

Based upon the information obtained from the case studies and review, a 3-day regional validation workshop was conducted in St. Vincent, 6th-8th June 2013.

A Regional Management Options Paper was successfully produced and endorsed by the validation workshop for further consideration by CRFM and CARICOM states.

The main recommendation is that the Regional Management Options Paper should be used as the basis for a regional queen conch management plan by CARICOM states. Implementing the recommendations in the paper will not only improve management, but also increase international confidence in the region’s fishery management, reducing the chance of trade sanctions.

This report also places emphasis on developing analytical approaches for harvest strategies and specifically support for The Bahamas in developing its harvest strategy. 

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