The consequences of construction activities associated with the build- ing of the second megapier on the coral reefs near the Holiday Beach Hotel, Curacao

On April 22nd, 2017, vessels (a large barge and a smaller working boat) that aid with the construction of the second megapier on Curacao were observed operating away from the megapier location in front of the Holiday beach Hotel (HBH). They were extremely close to shore where the barge (holding a pile driver) appeared to be anchored (Fig.1) while the working vessel pulled a large yellow object around, presumably a buoy used to anchor vessels and/ or barges (Fig. 2). Bystanders later stated that the barge was in front of the HBH before the 22nd but was towed away by a tugboat on Saturday. Presumably all aforementioned activities concern the preparations to install to pilings in front of the HBH that will be used for mooring cruise ships docked at the future second megapier...

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