What is St Eustatius’ Nature Worth?

Healthy ecosystems such as the corals reefs and the forests on the hillsides of Boven and the Quill are critical to the society of St Eustatius. The St Eustatius Strategic Development Plan also acknowledges the importance of natural attractions for the expansion of the tourism sector. In the last decades, various local and global developments have resulted in serious threats to these fragile ecosystems, thereby jeopardizing the foundations of the island’s economy. It is crucial to understand how nature contributes to the economy and wellbeing to make well-founded decisions that affect the natural environment on this beautiful tropical island. This research aims to determine the economic value of the main ecosystem services that are provided by the natural resources of St Eustatius and their overall importance to society.
The challenge of this project is to deliver insight that supports decision-makers
in the long-term management of the island’s economy and natural environment. 

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