Vegetation changes on the island of Saba, effects of huricanes, people and non-native species

Powerpoint presentation with findings of a 4 week vegetation fieldvisit on Saba:

  • what is vegetation (research)?
  • historic findings (1956 and 1999)
  • current findings (49 repeated plots, 28 additional plots)
  • preliminary results for different zonation belts
    • elfin forest (highest zone)
    • elephants ears scrub
    • transitional forest
    • dry tropical forest
    • grasslands, shrubland and coastal cliffs (lower zone)
  • conclusions
    • elfin forest far from 'original'
    • zonation 2,3 and 4: no big changes, some expansion of elephant ears, more forest succesion resulting in more closed vegetation and poorer in bio-diversity
    • invasive species are more abundant in the lower zone: coralita, rubber vine,'india grass' and others

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