Vegetation analysis of White Mangrove, Bonaire Caribbean Netherlands

Internship report (DRAFT)



A study was conducted on Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands, focusing on the White white mangrove (Laguncularia racemosa) to gather information regarding its abundance and distribution, sediment characteristics, state and herbivory. The distribution range of the wWhite mangrove species is quite extensive on Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands. The species showed different types of adaptations to their environment, such as root system composition and tree height. The overall sediment composition of the White white mangrove species on Bonaire is sand with a limestone foundation underneath. Furthermore, the study on the herbivory brought forth several species that are potentially responsible for the herbivory on the White white mangrove. Overall, this study provides a basebase line data for filling up the knowledge gap on the White white mangrove species on the island of Bonaire and offers a foundation basis for further research and conservation efforts on the species. 


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