Vegetatie onderzoek Bonaire 2019

This report describes a field visit to the Caribbean island of Bonaire aiming at collection of field data on the arid vegetation, which consists largely of dry thorn scrub, cactus scrub and dry tropical forest. Vegetation releves have been amde at 23 sites, among which eight sites that have been surveyed in 1999. Besides 50 short field descriptions have been made as a basis for a land-use map. The report describes how the more than 1000 releves of the Dutch Caribbean islands, which are stored in the vegetation database CACTUS, may be analysed to provide insight in natural processes like vegetation succession and effects of land use, climate change and other factors. Besides, the report contains an advice for the representative Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality on the island about the (better) conservation of sites on the limestone terraces with very well developed woodland.

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