The Value of Seagrasses to the Environment and to the People. Summary for Policy Makers

Summary For Policymakers

This global synthesis report highlights the unique range of values provided by seagrasses to people around the world. It aims to provide a science-based synthesis of the numerous services linked to seagrasses and the associated risks in losing them in the age of climate change, as well as ongoing global habitat loss and degradation. This report provides management and policy options at the local, regional and global levels, with the aim to share best practices and prevent further losses. It also highlights the opportunities that effective conservation measures, sustainable management and successful restoration efforts for seagrass ecosystems can provide to governments in order to achieve their international environmental policy commitments, targets and objectives. It is hoped that this report will generate increased interest in seagrasses by policymakers, helping to ensure a sustainable future for these essential but undervalued ecosystems.


Referenced in BioNews 36 article "Seagrass: Vital for a Healthy Environment and Economy"

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