Trends in the Caribbean Netherlands 2017

How large was the population of Bonaire, Saba, and St Eustatius on 1 January 2017? How did the economy of each island develop in 2015? What were the results of the labour force survey which was held in 2016?

This and more new statistical information is presented here in the latest edition of Trends in the Caribbean Netherlands. The book provides updated as well as new and additional information, covering many aspects of life in the Caribbean part of the Netherlands as of 2017.

Growing demand from the Dutch central government has resulted in the compilation of new statistics and an increase in available data. The edition before you includes data on all three islands with topics including consumer prices, firefighting, gross domestic product, inbound tourism by air, international trade, nature and environment and value added by tourism in the GDP of Bonaire.

This publication gives an impression of the diversity in facts and figures provided by Statistics Netherlands. The information can also easily be accessed through our press releases, available on our website.

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