Trends in the Caribbean Netherlands

As of 10 October 2010, Statistics Netherlands (CBS) is responsible for the collection and publication of statistical data on the three islands of the Caribbean Netherlands: Bonaire, Saba and St Eustatius. An annual, comprehensive overview of the latest figures and developments is presented in this compact and colourful booklet, Trends in the Caribbean Netherlands. Aside from a wide range of recent data, it provides information on developments in many areas, from education to energy, from population to prices and from trade to tourism.

In addition to the regular statistical programme, Statistics Netherlands now also provides statistics for externally financed projects on national accounts, income statistics and labour and wage

All our statistics can be found in our online database, StatLine ( News and information can also be accessed through our press releases, published daily on our website
( News on the Caribbean Netherlands is featured in a special dossier on this site.


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