Supplementary Material Host Range of the Coral-Associated Worm SnailPetaloconchussp. (Gastropoda: Vermetidae), a Newly Discovered Cryptogenic Pest Species in the Southern Caribbean

Appendix S1.Photographic host records of Petaloconchus sp.

Figure S1. Agaricia agaricitesat Bonaire (2019).

Figure S2. Agaricia humilisat Curaçao (2021).

Figure S3. Agaricia lamarcki at Curaçao (2021).

Figure S4. Cladopsammia manuelensis at Curaçao (2017).

Figure S5. Colpophyllia natansat Curaçao (2021).

Figure S6. Diploria labyrinthiformisat Curaçao (2021).

Figure S7. Eusmilia fastigiataat Curaçao (2014).

Figure S8. Madracis auretenraat Curaçao (2021).

Figure S9. Madracis decactisat Bonaire (2019)

Figure S10. Madracis senariaat Curaçao (2021).

Figure S11. Madracis senariaat Bonaire (2019).

Figure S12. Meandrina meandritesat Curaçao (2021).

Figure S13. Millepora alcicornis at Curaçao (2021).

Figure S14. Millepora complanata at Curaçao (2015).

Figure S15. Montastraea cavernosaat Bonaire (2019).

Figure S16. Orbicella annularisat Bonaire (2019).

Figure S17. Orbicella faveolataat Curaçao (2021).

Figure S18. Orbicella franksiat Bonaire (2019).

Figure S19. Porites astreoidesat Curaçao (2021).

Figure S20. Pseudodiploria strigosaat Curaçao (2021).

Figure S21. Siderastrea siderea at Curaçao (2021).

Figure S22. Stephanocoenia intersepta at Curaçao(2021).

Figure S23. Unidentified dead coralat Curaçao (2021).

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