Striated or Green Herons in the South Caribbean Islands?


Of 123 adult and semi-adult Little Herons Butorides striatus examined from the South Caribbean Islands of Aruba, Curaçao, and Bonaire, either as study-skins, observed in the field or shown on colourslides, 115 (93%) were of the red-necked North American and Caribbean virescens subspecies type, whereas 7 (6%) showed characters intermediate between virescens and the continental South American striatus subspecies type. Once (1%) an apparently phenotypically "pure" B. s. striatus was observed (3 Oct. 1979, Bonaire). The South Caribbean Island's breeding birds should be namend Butorides striatus maculatus rather than Ardeola striata striata as listed by PAYNE (1979). Three specimens (19%) of 16 measured proved to be long-winged migrants from North America, B. s. virescens (17 Nov. 1951, 27 Nov. 1951, 21 Oct. 1954). 

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