Status and Trends of Bonaire’s Reefs in 2013: Causes for Optimism


  • Chapter 1: Patterns and trends in corals, seaweeds
  • Chapter 2: Trends in Bonaire’s herbivorous fish: change over time 
  • Chapter 3: Fish bite rates of herbivorous fishes
  • Chapter 4: Status and trends in sea urchins Diadema and Echinometra 
  • Chapter 5: Patterns of distribution, abundance and temporal trends of the sea urchins Diadema antillarum and Echinometra lucunter in the shallow reef zones of Bonaire
  • Chapter 6: Damselfish density and abundance: distribution and predator impacts 
  • Chapter 7: Patterns of predatory fish biomass and density within and around Fish Protection Areas of the Bonaire Marine Park
  • Chapter 8: Juvenile Corals


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