Statia Marine Expedition

In June 2015, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, in collaboration with “Anemoon Foundation”, launched a new initiative in the Dutch Caribbean with the organization of a marine expedition to St. Eustatius. The expedition was hosted by the Caribbean Netherlands Science Institute (CNSI), diving was kindly supplied by Scubaqua Dive Centre and STENAPA St Eustatius acted as a local counterpart. The expedition team consisted of a multidisciplinary team of national and international researchers, citizen scientists, as well as university students from St. Eustatius, the Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Russia and the USA, each focusing on a particular group of organsms including corals, fishes, sponges, seaweeds, etc. 

This news article was published in BioNews 19

BioNews is produced by the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance and funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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