Species Management Plan: Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot, Amazona barbadensis, Dutch Caribbean


Threat mitigation

  • Boost population growth rate and address nest site limitation
  • Reduce poaching

Habitat protection

  • Grow plants for rural and urban restoration projects
  • Secure strategic locations for restoration
  • Control herbivores


  • Encourage increased implementation of legislation
  • Develop additional protected areas

Surveillance and enforcement

  • Reduce poaching

Outreach and education

  • Increase awareness of habitat degradation
  • Change community attitudes towards parrots

Research and monitoring

  • Improve understanding of population dynamics
  • Maximize out-breeding
  • Identify key locations for habitat restoration
  • Investigate the distribution of parrots and their food

Other recommendations

  • Reintroduce YSAP to Aruba
  • Increase National Park management organization capacity
  • Maintain the YSAP management plan process 

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