Spawning Potential Ratio of Ten Reef Associated Fish Species around St. Eustatius from 2012 to 2020

Student Report

Many fish stocks and coral reefs around the world are declining. In this study, ten reef associated fish species around St. Eustatius are assessed on their sustainability. These stocks are data-poor and therefore the Length-Based Spawning Potential Ratio (LB-SPR) is used. This is a method that needs limited information in order to judge the sustainability of a stock. The Spawning Potential Ratio is the spawning potential in unfished circumstances divided by the spawning potential under fishing pressure.

Based on the SPR values found in this study, A. chirurgus, A. coeruleus and C. fulva are assumed to be fished unsustainably, i.e. the fishing pressure is too high for the stock. Acanthurus bahianus, O. chrysurus and B. vetula have a slightly higher SPR, but are expected to be at risk of overfishing. The SPR values of E. guttatus, S. viride, H. adscensionis and M. martinicus are such that they seem to be fished in a sustainable way. However, for all ten species assessed in this report, it would be recommended to keep monitoring the SPR values in the future in order to maintain or achieve healthy stocks. Furthermore, research on the local life history parameters is highly recommended.

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