Seed germination methods for native Caribbean trees and shrubs - With emphasis on species relevant for Bonaire


This paper is intended as a basis for nature restoration activities using seeds of trees and (larger) shrubs native to Bonaire with the aim of reforestation. It describes the main seed biology issues relevant for species from this region, to facilitate decisions on time and stage of harvesting, safe storage, breaking dormancy and germinating seeds and planting the young trees in the field.

The paper also emphasises that natural process of seedling establishment and succession must be observed in order to be successful. The choice of species and method of protection once planted in nature will prove essential.

The paper ends with stressing that such a reforestation activity needs to be planned far ahead: seeds must be collected from tree species taking care of genetic diversity and their storage potential. Recalcitrant seeds (see paper) must be treated carefully and in a different way.

In Appendix I all knowledge from literature about collection, storage, germination and planting has been collected. Appendix II gives the growth characteristics of a selection of trees.

This report is part of the Wageningen University BO research program (BO-11-011.05-039) and was financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (EZ) under project number 4308701034. 

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