Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire - Progress Report 2008

Our 2008 work plan focused on the following objectives to help us achieve our mission:

  • Science - Improved understanding of sea turtle biology through research in order to guide conservation efforts in benefit of these endangered species.
  • Conservation - Effective management, conservation and advocacy on behalf of Bonaire’s sea turtles and their habitats, resulting in improvements in environmental policy, law and enforcement that ensure conservation and recovery; clean nesting sites; and abundant, high quality foraging habitats.
  • Education and Public Awareness - Increased public awareness of, and concern for, sea turtle conservation, resulting in increased volunteerism and participation in conservation policy, action and advocacy.
  • Training and Collaboration - Provision of training and collaboration opportunities for conservation volunteers and workers that results in increased capacity, locally and throughout the region, for sea turtle conservation efforts.
  • Fund Development - Ongoing public and private financial investment in support of the protection and recovery of Bonaire’s sea turtle populations.
  • Organizational Development - Development, maintenance, and use of systems and resources that facilitate effective operation of the organization. 

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