Saba Bank: Sharks

Want to know the best place to see sharks in the Netherlands? Recent studies would seem to indicate that it’s the Saba Bank!

Researchers on early expeditions to the Saba Bank recorded seeing sharks on every dive and even cases of researchers being chased out of the water by sharks. In

today’s world, where about a quarter of sharks and rays are considered globally endangered (1), this is very good news and has prompted the Netherlands to declare the

Yarari Marine Mammal and Shark Sanctuary in Dutch Caribbean waters as well as developing a policy document protecting sharks (“Shark Protection Plan”).


This news item is based on a presentation given by Erwin Winter (WUR) at the Saba Bank Symposium in December 2016.


This news article was published in BioNews 31.

BioNews is produced by the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance and funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

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