Saba Bank management Unit Activity Report 2016

The Saba Bank Management Unit (SBMU) is responsible for the operational management of the Saba Bank. Its current tasks are to perform scientific fisheries monitoring, as well as conduct and support additional scientific research on the Saba Bank. The SBMU also assists other activities within the Saba Conservation Foundation, mainly with regards to the Saba Marine Park. Its ultimate goal is to support and promote the conservation of marine biodiversity on the Saba Bank.

For its fisheries monitoring and most other scientific research projects the SBMU collaborates with IMARES (Institute for Marine Resources and Ecosystem Studies). The tasks within the SBMU are carried out by the Saba Bank Park Officer in close cooperation with the Saba Bank Captain and staff of the Saba Conservation Foundation. Interns and graduates from various universities in the Netherlands, mainly Wageningen University and Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, assist in some additional project activities.

The Saba Bank for the larger part falls within EEZ territory of the Kingdom of The Netherlands and is governed by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The committee for the joint management of the Marine Biodiversity and Fisheries of the Dutch Caribbean EEZ (EEZ Committee) provides policy advice regarding the Saba Bank to the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Through this document the SBMU reports to the EEZ Committee on its activities in 2016. 

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