The role of creeks for tidal exchange in the mangroves of Lac Bay, Bonaire

This presentation gives an overview of the thesis work conducted to map the hydrological connectivity within the mangrove channels of Lac Bay, Bonaire,



Goal of research:

•Insight into Lac Bay

•Hydrodynamic behaviour

•Effect of creeks


Research Questions:

To what extent do existing creeks contribute to the tidal exchange in the mangrove forest of Lac Bay and how does creek restoration affect this tidal exchange?

•What physical characteristics affect the tidal dynamics of the Lac Bay mangroves?

•What are the hydrodynamic spatial and temporal effects of the tidal wave on the mangrove forest in Lac Bay?

•To what extent do creeks contribute to the tidal exchange in the Lac Bay mangroves and can the tidal exchange be increased by creek restoration?

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