Regional Queen Conch Fisheries Management and Conservation Plan (Draft)

The overall objective of this 10-year Regional Queen Conch Fishery Management and Conservation Plan is to guide the implementation of a set of identified management measures that can be applied at the regional or sub-regional level for the sustainability of queen conch populations and for the maintenance of a healthy fishery and livelihood of the people involved in the fishery.

The ecosystem approach forms the basis of this Regional Queen Conch Fishery Management and Conservation Plan, enhancing partnerships and collaboration throughout the Wider Caribbean region to improve the long-term governance of queen conch fisheries across the Caribbean.

The Regional Queen Conch Fishery Management and Conservation Plan was formulated with the following specific objectives:

1. To improve the collection and integration of scientific data needed to determine the overall queen conch population status as the basis for the application of ecosystem-based management.

2. To harmonize measures aimed at increasing the stability of the queen conch population and to implement best-management practices for a sustainable fishery.

3. To increase coordination and collaboration toward achieving better education and outreach, monitoring and research, co-management and strengthening, optimizing and harmonizing regional governance arrangements.

4. To adopt regional management measures, which incorporate the precautionary approach.. 

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