Recreational SCUBA Diver impact in Bonaire

Recent research by CIEE Research Station Bonaire led by Dr. Patrick Lyons examined the effects of recreational SCUBA divers on the abundance of different types of sessile organisms (massive stony corals, branching stony corals, sponges, etc). The researchers also examined whether divers affect the structural complexity of coral reefs, a key element that makes reefs so diverse.  

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Lyons, P.J., E. Arboleda, C.E. Benkwitt, B. Davis, M. Gleason, C. Howe, J. Mathe, J. Middleton, N. Sikowitz, L. Unter- steggaber, S. Villalobos (2015) The e ect of recreational SCUBA divers on the structural complexity and benthic assemblage of a Caribbean coral reef, Biodiversity and Conservation 24(14): 3491-3504 


This news article was published in BioNews 20

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