Recreational and cultural value of Bonaire’s nature (policy brief)

Policy Brief:

This study is part of the “Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity Netherlands” (TEEB NL) study.
It is being conducted for the Caribbean Netherlands on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The Challenge
Bonaire inhabitants lived in balance with nature all their live. However, many pressures including a fast economic development of the island lead to less resilient ecosystems causing the people of Bonaire to take more precaution than they are used to. Therefore it is very relevant to understand how important nature is for
the people of Bonaire and them awareness of the vital role that healthy ecosystems play in supporting their own well-being.

The Approach
By studying the Willingnes- To-Pay (WTP) for nature conservation by Bonaire residents, the identi cation of the importance of nature for the people on
Bonaire is determined. Choice modelling is a way to estimate the value households’ attribute to the protection of speci c elements of nature on their island. Almost 400 households in Bonaire participated in this valuation survey. They were also asked qualitative questions regarding ecosystem threats, bene ts, and preferred environmental management options. 

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