Recent brachiopoda from the Snellius and Luymes Expeditions to the Surinam-Guyana Shelf, Bonaire-Curacao, and Saba Bank, Caribbean Sea, 1966 and 1969-1972

Recent brachiopods collected by the Snellius and Luymes expeditions to the Surinam-Guyana shelf, Bonaire-Curacao region and Saba Bank area in 1966 and between 1969-72 are identified from 32 lots. Species belonging to the genera Glottidia, Cryptopora, Tichosina, Terebratulina, Eucalathis, Notozyga, Argyrotheca and Thecidellina are represented, mainly from shallow depths of less than 200m. No new species are recorded, but new occurrence records, particularly in the region of Saba Bank, add to knowledge of the geographic range of species.


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