The Quill/Boven National Park and Miriam Schmidt Botanical Garden Management Plan 2009

This document will clearly define the V ision, Mission and Goals of The Quill/Boven National Park and Botanical Garden, and s tate the management s trategies which will allow The Q uill/Boven National Park and Botanical Garden successes to be highlighted and its management effectiveness to be assessed. It will also assis t both staff and Board by providing a solid framework for re ference, decision making and planning . The management plan will also ensure continuity of management effort and allow s takeholders and other interest groups to understand and participate in the planning process. According to IUCN , management plans are an essential s tep towards ensuring the proper management of protected areas .

This is the second management plan for The Quill/Boven National P ark and Botanical Garden. The firs t management plan (for the Q uill/Boven National Park) was written in 1999 by Staatsbosbeheer for the period 2000-2004. The rapid development of The Q uill/Boven National Park and Botanical Garden and the suc cesses in management have highlighted the need for a strategic document to consolidate management decision making. M anagement planning a nd a clear s trategy for management is a prerequisite if management is going to begin monitoring its own e ffec tivenes s .

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