Physis VIII - Journal of marine research

As part of CIEE's Bonaire semester programs, each student conducts an independent research project on a topic of their choice.  The projects culminate with a public presentation and publication of a research paper in the CIEE journal Physis: Journal of Marine Science.


  • Community responses of site-specific fish assemblages to Ramicrusta sp. overgrowth of hydrocoral Millepora complanata
  • Effects of the addition of Queen conch (Strombus gigas) shells as a refuge in reef, mangrove, and sand flat communities
  • Are differences in Green sea turtle bites in a tropical bay affected by epiphytes on the turtle grass, Thalassia testudinum?
  • The relationship between the herbivore Diadema antillarum and a red crustose alga, Ramicrusta sp., in a shallow back reef community
  • Comparison of foraging tactics and striking efficiency of adult Egretta tricolor within mangrove and seagrass beds of a tropical coral bay
  • Ontogenetic differences in the use of the mangrove and coral reef habitats by the Rainbow parrotfish, Scarus guacamaia, in Lac Bay, Bonaire
  • Phenotypic characteristics of the upside-down jellyfish, Cassiopea xamachana, within the mangrove environments of Lac Bay, Bonaire
  • Abundance and activity of the upside-down jellyfish, Cassiopea xamachana, a potential bioindicator of mangrove fitness in Lac Bay, Bonaire
  • Abundance, density, and distribution of Queen conch (Strombus gigas) in Lac Bay, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
  • The feeding association between Queen conch, Strombus gigas, and epibiont assemblages on the turtle grass, Thalassia testudinum
  • How physical characteristics of the seagrass Thalassia testudinum affect current velocities in coastal ecosystems
  • Habitat preferences of the commercially important species Great barracuda, Sphyraena barracuda: a case study in Lac Bay, Bonaire
  • Color difference of a red crustose alga (Ramicrusta sp.) overgrowing corals: light sensitivity or response to Millepora complanata metabolites
  • Does Lac Bay still lack an important benthic herbivore? Diadema antillarum population density, size distribution, and recruitment rates in Lac Bay, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
  • Avoidance and preference of specific colors and substrates by the Peacock flounder, Bothus lunatus, through limited adaptive camouflage expression
  • Interactions between root-fouling epibionts and the abundance and richness of fish in the mangroves of Lac Bay, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

CIEE (Council of International Education and Exchange) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded in 1947 working globally.

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