Physis VII - Journal of marine research

As part of CIEE's Bonaire semester programs, each student conducts an independent research project on a topic of their choice.  The projects culminate with a public presentation and publication of a research paper in the CIEE journal Physis: Journal of Marine Science.


  • Frequencies of coral disease in areas suspected of sewage-contaminated groundwater outflow in Bonaire, N.A.
  • Using prey fish species as bioindicators of anthropogenic stress and predictors of predator density and diversity on coral reefs in Bonaire, N.A.
  • Fishermen’s by-catch: Effect on fish feeding behaviors in shallow sand flats of Bonaire, N.A.
  • Feeding ecology and twilight interspecific interactions of lionfish (Pterois spp.) in Bonaire, N.A. 

CIEE (Council of International Education and Exchange) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded in 1947 working globally.

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