New species of ptyctimous mites (Acari, Oribatida) from the Caribbean

A list of identified oribatid ptyctimous mites from Lesser Antilles and Bahamas, including 18 species, six generaband three families, is provided. Of these, three species are new records for the Caribbean, and three species are new to science. Oribotritia grossa Niedbała sp. nov. differs from other neotropical Oribotritia by the presence of relatively short, thick, distally blunt sensilli. Arphthiracarus alienus Niedbała sp. nov. differs from other Arphthiracarus species by the presence of uniquely shaped sensilli, short spiniform setae, the median sigillar field long and narrow with an incision between the rostral setae, four pairs of notogastral lyrifissures and the location of vestigial setae f1 anterior to h1. Arphthiracarus strictus Niedbała sp. nov. differs from A. brasiliensis Niedbała, 1988, A. iubatus Niedbała, 2003, A. latebrosus (Niedbała, 1982) and A. pervalidus Niedbała, 2003 by the presence of a unique tight location of genital setae g4-6 and bifurcated setae d of femora I. In addition, descriptions of three tritonymphs are presented.

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