New Species of Pleurotomariidae, Volutidae, and Conidae from the Caribbean Sea and Namibia, Southwestern Africa

In preparation for a forthcoming monographic work on marine molluscan biogeography at the worldwide level, five new biogeographical index species are described here. These include: Perotrochus sunderlandorum n.sp. (Pleurotomariidae) from the Grenadian Subprovince of the Caribbean Province; Athleta easoni n. sp. (Volutidae) from the Namibian Province; Jaspidiconus carvalhoi n. sp. and Jaspidiconus ferreirai n.sp., both from the Nicaraguan Subprovince of the Caribbean Province; and Jaspidiconus lindapowersae n. sp. from the Antillean Subprovince of the Caribbean Province.

KEY WORDS Pleurotomariidae, Volutidae, Athletinae, Conidae, Conilithidae, Perotrochus, Athleta, Jaspidiconus, Caribbean Province, Namibian Province, Grenadian Subprovince, Nicaraguan Subprovince, Antillean Subprovince, Curacao, Namibia, Miskito Cays, Dominican Republic. 

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