New Plan for Creating Sustainable Fisheries in the Caribbean Netherlands

A 2019 policy brief was just released outlining the requirements for sustainably managing fisheries within the Caribbean Netherlands. Using five different studies, a four-phase roadmap was created to bring local stakeholders and government legislators together to secure the future of local fish stocks. Without action, a collapse of important fish species could be right around the corner.

Article originally published in BioNews 32

More Information:

Mac Donald, S. (KITLV/MAC & FIELD) in assignment of WWF-NL (2019). Roadmap towards effective fisheries management of the Caribbean Netherlands:

WWF Roadmap Towards Effective Fisheries Management on the Caribbean Netherlands

WWF Policy Brief: Creating Effective, Sustainable Fisheries Managment in the Caribbean Netherlands

Petzold.S. 2019. An Analsysis for the Potential Implementation of Co-managemnt in the fisheries of the Caribbean Netherlands. Research Project. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam/ WWF-NETHERLANDS



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