New marine biodiversity discoveries from Bonaire

An international research team has investigated the marine biodiversity of Bonaire from 21 October to 9 November. Although Bonaire’s reefs have been well monitored by researchers and documented by underwater photographers, its marine biodiversity has been poorly explored. In previous decades, more research was performed on the neighboring island Curaçao, which resulted in many new species discoveries from there. Therefore, it was assumed that Bonaire also has a high potential for the discovery of undescribed species. The preliminary results from the expedition suggest that this assumption was correct. These results will be formally published in scientific journals and on the internet, where they will be accessible to all who want to learn more about the marine biodiversity of Bonaire.

Article originally published in BioNews 30

For more information:

Hoeksema, B.W.; García-Hernández, J.E.; van Moorsel, G.W.; Olthof, G.; ten Hove, H.A. Extension of the Recorded Host Range of Caribbean Christmas Tree Worms (Spirobranchus spp.) with Two Scleractinians, a Zoantharian, and an Ascidian. Diversity 2020, 12, 115.

Hoeksema, B.W.; García-Hernández, J.E. Hostrelated Morphological Variation of Dwellings Inhabited by the Crab Domecia acanthophora in the Corals Acropora palmata and Millepora complanata (Southern Caribbean). Diversity 2020, 12, 143.


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