A new catalogue of orchidaceae for Saba, Netherlands Antilles

The Orchidaceae on the island of Saba, Netherlands Antilles, have only briefly been studied and described. In January 2003, in cooperation with the Saba Conservation Foundation, a 3-year orchid population study of the island was established and is expected to continue as an on-going project. Unique in its geology, as well as its lack of serious tourism impact, the island of Saba provides a distinct research environment for Caribbean Island orchid habitation and ecology data. To date, the study has identified 13 species in eight genera of Caribbean orchids that may be considered naturalized. A unique copper form of Epidendrum ciliare has been located, which presents possible indications of variation from the usual E.ciliare Caribbean types. Orchid populations have been identified and GPS-located for use in future studies.
Populations of significant size have been map-plotted for use by the Saba Conservation Foundation in its land-based environmental management programs. This paper addresses species recordings of the Saba Orchidaceae, with previous historical citations, to date of publication.

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