New Butterfly Census for the Dutch Caribbean Windward Islands

The results of a four-year study were just published, cataloging the butterfly species of St. Eustatius over the winter months of 2009- 2012. This project also provided an update to species lists for the Dutch Caribbean islands of St. Eustatius, Saba and St. Maarten. The butterfly faunas of the three islands totals 44 species, including seven new species records for St. Eustatius. By comparing butterfly populations between different habitat types, the researchers determined which factors are important for increasing local diversity. 

News-article originally published in BioNews 33

For more information see: Debrot, A.O., Madden, H., Becking, L.E., Rojer, A., and Miller, J.Y. (2020) The butterflies of St. Eustatius with faunal comparisons among the adjacent islands of the Lesser Antilles. Caribbean Journal of Science, 50(1) : 91-106.






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