Nature Foundation Marine Park, Reef & Marine Research Assessments Post Hurricane Irma

On the 6th of September powerful category five storm Hurricane Irma struck Sint Maarten with 185 MPH winds, causing widespread damage to the island and its infrastructure. The hurricane also caused significant damage to the island’s nature and environment, underwater life is also damaged severely due to surge and strong water motion, therefore the Sint Maarten Nature Foundation conducted Marine Park, Reef and Marine Research assessment to determine the level of impact underwater. 

Several St Maarten dives sites, in the Man of War Shoal Marine Park and around the island, have been visited and surveyed promptly for reef and coral damage, marine life presence, marine research setups and to assess the mooring systems for dive operators. Marine assessments were carried out from the 28th of September until the 6th of October 2017 and were continued again on the 1st of November until the 20th of November 2017.

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