Mount Scenary Nature Park Management Plan

The Mount Scenery Nature Park management plan consists of four sections as outlined below:

Part 1: Background Information.

The physical, social and political environment within which the management takes place greatly influences the operations of the protected area. Those using the management plan may not be aware of the circumstances of the Mt. Scenery National Park and can refer to this section for background information. Technical terms are explained in the text and names of plants and animals are given as the common name in English, followed by local and scientific names where appropriate. Part 1 can be used as a stand-alone introduction to the island and the Mt. Scenery National Park and has been written with a range of audiences in mind.

Part 2: Management Environment.

This is the first part of the working document which states the significance, mission and goals for the Saba Conservation Foundation. Resources available to the SCF are described, including the legal instruments, institutional arrangements and human and physical resources. The main issues facing the Mt. Scenery National Park are detailed and described before being summarised. Part 2 will be of interest to those wishing to develop a more in depth understanding of the operational management and issues likely to face the Mt. Scenery National Park.

Part 3: Management Plan.

Management strategies and goals are clarified for Saba Conservation Foundation and others involved in park management. Part 3 is of concern to those with an interest in the current activities of SCF and the Mt. Scenery National Park and the rationale behind actions being taken.

Part 4: Additions and Developments.

The final part of the plan is intended to act as a place marker for updates, where management actions have led to outcomes that can be described or there has been a change in the tools available to the protected area. This section needs to be kept up to date so that staff can work from the proposed actions and work schedule, and so any interested party can pick up the whole plan and have a thorough understanding of the Mt. Scenery National Park from the context through to the most recent management actions. Part 4 is to be used by the management body to keep the management plan up to date; its contents are unlikely to be available until the plan has been formally updated.

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