Monitoring program for waterbirds inhabiting the saliñas located on the northwest of Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles. Year report 2008

Management Recommendations:

  • The boundaries of the WSNP should be expended to include all the salinas included in this survey. This expansion will not only benefit the waterbirds but every other native species of flora and fauna as well.
  • Pursue the designation of Salina Frans as a Ramsar site for Bonaire, given its importance as a habitat for both terrestrial and waterbirds.
  • Keep collecting data for long term monitoring programs. It is fundamental for the proper management of our natural resources.
  • Provide more training for the staff involved in the counts.
  • Install permanent depth gauges in all the salt flats being monitored.
  • Conduct more scientific research for a better understanding of the ecological functions of the salinas as a habitat for water birds
  • As resources or time become available, start a monitoring program for the nesting seasons of our resident waterbirds. 

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