Marine Scientific Assessment: The State of Curacao's Coral Reefs Part 2

This is the second part of the Marine Scientific Assessment  The State of Curacao's Coral Reefs document. For part 1 click here, for part 4 here.

WAITT Institute identified eight distinct zones of Curaçao’s nearshore environment. This document contains information on zone 1-6. For part 3, zone 7 & 8, please click here. Ecosystem characteristics and human influence varied significantly between zones reflecting the distribution and intensity of cumulative impacts, or lack thereof. With that, each zone presents specific opportunities and challenges for management to protect and/or restore the assets of each zone. This section provides a summary of each zone that highlights key characteristics of the marine environment, identifies the status of ecosystem indicators in comparison to other zones and the greater Caribbean, and discusses conservation opportunities that provide the largest impact. Note that each summary is based on a zone average, and does not reflect within zone variability.


Per zone information on:

Coral cover

Juvenile corals

Coral Health 


Total Fish









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