Marine Scientific Assessment: The State of Curacao's Coral Reefs Part 1

This is the first part of the Marine Scientific Assessment  The State of Curacao's Coral Reefs document. For part 2 click here, for part 3 here & for part 4 here





Benthic cover

Fish abundance 

Water pollution 

How are coastal waters used?


Curaçao compared to other Caribbean Islands 

Issues to be addressed to prevent further decline of 

Curaçao’s coral and fish communities

 Issue: decreasing abundance of reef building corals 

Issue: overfishing 

 Issue: degraded water quality 

Minor challenges related to ocean usages 

Information not included in this report 

Zone summaries 

A path forward 

Protecting and Restoring Marine Ecosystems 

Improving Domestic Fisheries 

Minimizing Water Pollution 

Improving Ocean Governance 

Financing a Sustainable Ocean Policy 

Closing Note 

Cited Literature 

Appendix I: Methodology 

Appendix II: Local concerns related to coral reef 

conservation and responses

Climate change 

Marine invasive species 


 Invasive seagrass 

Threatened & endangered species 



Sharks and rays 

Sea turtles 

Marine mammals 

Inland bays: mangroves and seagrasses 

Information about coral health and disease 

Point vs non-point source pollution (septic seepage 

through groundwater vs sewage outfalls)

Pro and cons of coastal fortification 

 (seawalls, breakwaters, etc.)

Invert data (Diadema , conch, lobster) 

Information on pelagic fisheries 


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