Marine molluscs from the island of St. Eustatius, Eastern Caribbean: results of the Statia Marine Biodiversity Expedition 2015

A baseline record of the marine fauna of St. Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands, was established during the Statia Marine Biodiversity Expedition in June 2015, which was a 3-week, 20-person survey of the waters surrounding that island. The present report lists a total of 366 species of marine molluscs in six classes; 207 are new records for the island, including several rarities. Range extensions of over 1,000 and 2,000 km respectively are reported for Doriprismatica sedna (Ev. Markus & Er. Markus, 1967) and Melibe arianeae Espinoza, DuPont & Valdés, 2013. Other species are new records for the Eastern Caribbean ecoregion. The recently described species Parvilucina latens J. D. Taylor & Glover, 2016, previously only known from Guadeloupe, is reported from St. Eustatius. Specimens identified as Eulithidium sp., Parvioris sp., and Petallifera sp., may belong to as yet undescribed species.

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