Marine (meta) barcoding of St. Eustatius

To develop our knowledge about Dutch biodiversity in the overseas territories, we performed a barcoding project embedded in the baseline biodiversity surveys of St. Eustatius. Tissue samples were collected and DNA was isolated for molecular analyses. Barcode sequences were determined from selected specimens for a DNA sequence reference database of the biodiversity of the island.

Metabarcoding of environmental DNA enables us to detect “hidden” biodiversity and cryptic species (Leray et al. 2014). We want to target total macro fauna community in sediment and water column at St. Eustatius and implementing the specimen barcoding data in an identification pipeline. 

This article was published in the following report:

MARINE BIODIVERSITY SURVEY OF ST. EUSTATIUS, DUTCH CARIBBEAN 2015 by Naturalis Biodiversity Center and the Netherlands ANEMOON Foundation

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