Mangrove Restoration Workshop 2021

The Mangrove Restoration Workshop was held between October 25 - 28, 2021. The goal was to bring together researchers, conservationists, park authorities or anyone passionate about nature restoration to exchange lessons learned concerning mangrove restoration techniques.

The workshop spaned four days, where days one and two included a wide variety of presentations and days three and four consisted of field visits and excursions.

Funding and support was provided by the Regional activity centre for the Specially Protected Areas and Wildlife (CAR SPAW), Mangrove Maniacs, STINAPA Bonaire and the Dutch Caribbean Nature Alliance.


Day 1 Presentations

Welcome presentation

Ecosystem restoration with potato waste (Using BESE)

Mangrove RESCUE – Mangrove Resilience for Enhanced Safety of Coastal Urbanizations and Environments

Aruba National Park Foundation (FPNA) Overview

Trees for Aruba, Lanta y Planta Overview

Raising Awareness of Mangroves Through Outreach

Curaçao’s CARMABI Overview

Impact of Sargassum

Regreening the Island

Bonaire’s Mangrove Restoration Projects

Engaging Students in Mangrove Conservation


Day 2 Presentations

Utilizing Citizen Science

What’s Blue Carbon got to do with it?

Mangroves of the Bahamas

Maximizing Student Involvement

Maximizing Volunteer Contributions

Diagnosing Mangrove Forest Degradation Causes and Formulating Restoration Plans

A Doughnut-shaped Impact Assessment for Mangrove Restoration

Ma Kote Mangroves

Monitoring Water Quality


Day 3 Field Work

Morning - Black Mangrove Maintenance

Afternoon - Red Mangrove Maintenance


Day 4 Field Work and Excursions

Morning - Reforestation San Jose and Southern Wetlands

Afternoon - Tera Barra and Echo


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