Mangrove restoration and carbon storage in Boka Sami, Curacao

Project description

Time: Oct 2023 - Ongoing

Project leaders: WUR (Celine van Bijsterveldt, Marjolijn Christianen), Deloitte (Rieneke van Noord), CARMABI (Erik Houtepen)

Project summary

WUR, Deloitte, and Carmabi are collaborating to restore the natural presence of mangrove trees in Boca Sami, Curaçao. Over the years, mangrove trees have disappeared in the area, resulting in loss of
biodiversity and carbon storage capacity, among other things. WUR Carmabi and Deloitte are working with local experts to bring back mangrove trees in their natural habitat to counteract these adverse effects in the area. Due to the pioneering nature of the project, one of the questions and challenges that come with this project is the determination of the carbon storage capacity of mangroves in this area.

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