A management plan for Spaans Lagoen Aruba

This management plan is one of the outputs of a two-day participative management planning exercise led by Dr. Lawrence Jones-Walters of Wageningen Environmental Research (Alterra) for the staff of the Arikok National Park and invited stakeholders held at the University of Aruba 3-4 April 2017. It therefore represents a combination of Park, stakeholder and expert views, experience and knowledge of the key issues in and around the Spaans Lagoen and their potential solutions. Spaans Lagoen is a Ramsar site Ramsar Site and became an extension to the Park in February 2017. The provision of a management plan is therefore a critical element in the future protection, management and restoration of the site as one of the key elements within the natural heritage of Aruba.

This document is intended as a reference point for staff at the Arikok National Park, key stakeholders and potential funders in order to assist their planning and thinking in relation to the management of the Spaans Lagoen and its status as a Ramsar site, and in relation to the wider management of the Park itself. It focuses on the critical management issues for the short and medium term and will guide the management of Spaans Lagoen for the next ten years. After the end of the ten year period, a review of the management plan will take place and a new management plan will be produced.

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