Management of moored fish aggregation devices (FADs) in the Caribbean

Humans have used fish aggregation devices (FADs) for centuries to attract fish. Technological advances in recent decades have made FADs more efficient and expanded their use globally. Management, however, has been slow to follow the fast developments in construction and deployment, and regional fisheries bodies have just begun to consider FADs as a tool requiring management and regulation. In the Caribbean, moored FADs are rapidly being deployed by a variety of stakeholders as guidelines are lacking, which has led to conflict among user groups and questions about biological sustainability. This study aims to guide the fishery manager, researcher, or community leader in developing a FAD management plan. The current situation of FADs in the Caribbean is presented, and global examples of FAD management are examined in order to determine the steps most necessary for successful use of this method of fishing. At the end, guidelines for possible management strategies for moored FADs in the Caribbean are presented.

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