Leeward Blindsnake: Native to St. Eustatius

Using DNA-and morphological analysis, a team from Reptile, Amphibian and Fish Conservation Netherlands (RAVON) and Naturalis have discovered that the Leeward Blindsnake is a native species to the island of St. Eustatius. Understanding the island’s native reptile population will help design and implement conservation measures to protect this near threatened species in the future. 

Article published in BioNews 35

More Information: Wagensveld, T. van, Staa, S. van & R. Butôt 2020. Discovery of the Leeward Blindsnake, Antillotyphlops geotomus (Thomas, 1966), on St. Eustatius, Caribbean
Netherlands. Caribbean Herpetology 69: 1-3.


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