Lac – Implementation of long term monitoring and research plan –

This report of the not-for-profit organization Progressive Environmental Solutions is the first in a series of reports that will be published over the coming years. Progressive Environmental Solutions has committed to an agreement with various organizations and individuals to continue the project ‘Lac – Implementation of long term monitoring and research plan –’, started in January 2007. For the coming years Progressive Environmental Solutions will be concerned with the continuation of this project, the developments in and around the area and the policymaking for the area.


This publication and the underlying dataset will be the foundation for the strategy that will help to enable the sustainability and conservation of this unique area.  The information written in this publication will give a basic understanding of the hydrology in the open lagoon and the mangrove sub-basin of Lac and the role of Lac in the regional ecosystem of Bonaire. References are provided for those seeking in-depth information of specific aspects in this publication. The chosen format, the lay-out and the level of presentation are intended to make this publication adaptable to diverse needs such as the preparation of environmental impact studies, a template for future and ongoing monitoring, and the development of a sense of the importance of this resource to those citizens who control its fate.


Because the volume of data resulting from daily monitoring is extensive, the decision was made to keep the full dataset separate from this report. The digital dataset is available upon request.

Any questions or comments about or requests for this publication should be directed to:

Progressive Environmental Solutions

Lighthouse Beach Resort #15

Punt Vierkant Bonaire, N.A.

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